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It is the shop owner and manager's responsibility to understand the nature of its waste and dispose of it according to regulations that apply in your area.

Even with the steps you take to recycle and reduce waste, you will still be faced with some waste disposal. Before choosing a waste disposal approach, ask yourself the following questions:

- Are there any hazardous contaminants in the material or is the material itself hazardous?
- Do you know how local environmental authorities classify waste as being hazardous?
- Are there any federal, provincial, or municipal regulations regarding disposal of this material or its contaminants?
- Does the supplier MSDS provide suggestions for disposal options?

Each province has regulations covering the disposal of hazardous wastes such as paints and refrigerants, so contact your local provincial office for details.

Certain types of wastes may be prohibited from disposal at local landfills. This list continues to grow. Contact your local municipality for more information.

You should follow the advice of the licensed waste hauler you choose for the final destination of your wastes. Record all wastes which leave your site, the volumes or quantities, the types of wastes, the name of the licensed waste hauler, the date, and the destination.

(Courtesy Alberta Environmental Protection "Waste Minimization Manual. Vehicle Maintenance and Repair")

Case Study: Controlled Paint Mixing, Recycle/Reuse of Waste Paints saves shop thousands of dollars in waste disposal costs.



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Waste contractors must be properly licensed by the Ministry of Environment, The list provided is correct at the time it was supplied but may have since changed. Not all contractors will pick up specified auto refinish wastes. Please let us know which waste contractor you use by e-mailing us at

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