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One of the most effective ways of improving productivity and reducing costs of waste solvent disposal is the use of a solvent recycler. This equipment can convert dirty cleaning solvent or waste paint into a reusable product. Recyclers are becoming common in collision repair facilities resulting in reductions as high as 80% in solvent purchases. They can save time, money, improve the environment, and help maintain a clean shop.

Here is a testimonial from a Canadian shop owner:

Since 1995 a Brantford Ontario automotive repair facility Canadian Auto Collision has been recycling solvent for a number of years. In the words of its owner, PJ Hnatiuk:

"Money doesn't grow on trees! Probably one of the quickest ways to help clean up your hazardous waste storage area, increase your safety and net real dollars real quick! In other words there's a very quick ROI (Return On Investment). Each cycle represents 26 litres of dirty contaminated solvent being recycled, subsequently yielding approximately 21 litres of clean re-useable solvent. An 80% savings! So, if you are purchasing $1000 per month in solvent cleaners, you can reduce this to $200 a month, saving $9600 per year! You are not only purchasing less solvent, hauling less waste off-site, but you are reducing your on site storage needs, and there are less people around to interrupt day-to-day operations, while maintaining a safer workplace."

(Courtesy: BodyShop magazine)

The Ministry of Labour in Ontario provides an Engineering Data Sheet 4-16: Solvent Recovery Equipment, that describes a typical solvent recycler, its operation, location, safety features, ventilation, electrical requirements, and solvent storage and handling. This can help provide you with background information before contacting suppliers.

Solvent purchase and disposal fees constitute a major expense for automotive body shops. An on site solvent recycler is a practical way to decrease the frequency and the cost for product purchase and waste disposal. The Iowa Waste Reduction Center has developed a basic cost calculator to you in determining the cost benefit of purchasing such equipment.

There are three real benefits to setting up your own solvent recycling still:

1) Since it's under your control, you won't have to worry about contamination that might occur with a commercial recycling company

2) You'll save money on solvent waste disposal costs

3) You'll purchase less virgin solvent



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