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You want to impress your customers with a quality finish. You want to keep your costs down and minimize pollution. You don't get these results with a dirty gun.

New spray guns are machined to very close tolerances. So proper gun cleaning is an essential part of your business. Furthermore, EPA statistics show that 20% of all VOC emissions from shops occur during clean up operations. Manual cleaning techniques no longer make the grade because they produce an excessive amount of air pollution and expose painters to paint solvents.

More and more shops are turning to enclosed gun cleaners to get the job done properly. With proper use and maintenance, these cleaners reduce the amount of thinner used for cleaning by 50%, saving you money in solvent costs and waste disposal. Spent cleaning solvents from the unit can be recycled, saving more money. Also, some suppliers provide a low VOC gun wash to further reduce the harmful effects of solvent emissions. Your painter can be more productive because enclosed gun cleaners can save clean up time, yielding more time to paint.

There is one more good reason to cleaning your guns in an enclosed system---keeping ahead of the regulatory curve. Auto refinishing shops in the Greater Vancouver Regional District (see GVRD below) now must:

- Use an Enclosed Spray Gun Wash System or a Low Emission Spray Gun Cleaner for the cleaning and maintenance of spray application equipment used in spray coating; and
- Use low solvent gun wash.

Some jurisdictions in the USA mandate the requirement to use enclosed cleaners and low VOC solvents. So switching your shop to an automatic cleaning process will not only save you money, reduce pollution, but also help you with existing or future regulations in your area.

The following Case Study illustrates how a 30-employee collision repair shop saved $3,600 per year by using a gun-washing unit.


The following On line Calculator can help you 'do the math' for savings using a gun cleaner in your shop.

Automatic Paint Gun Washer (U.S.)
Navy - Pollution Prevention Team


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