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A clean, well-organized shop can save you time and money, plus improve the image of your business with customers and in the community. Not only is good housekeeping a sound business practice, in the Greater Vancouver area it is now part of the emission regulation for automotive refinishing shops.

Spills of coating products release solvent vapours, creating a fire and health hazard as well as air pollution. Clean up small spills immediately wearing proper personal protective equipment and the recommended material to soak up the spill. Stop the spill and immediately remove sources of ignition or anything that might start a fire. Ensure good ventilation. Place the used absorbent material in a sealed, air-tight container for safe disposal using a licensed waste disposal company (in Ontario see

Provide all employees with detailed clean-up instructions, and keep MSDS's in an accessible location. The MSDS can provide you with hazard information and recommended practices for handling spills or releases.

Keep emergency spill equipment and clean-up kits in well-marked areas close to locations such as the paint mix room where spills might occur.

Store large containers of solvent (like 45 gallon drums) on 'spill decks'. These are commercially available containment units that collect spilled material in a plastic bladder and allow you to pump the material back into the drum. Check with your local jobber or supplier of safety equipment.

Large spills must be reported to the environmental authorities in your district. Post a list of emergency response contact phone numbers including the Provincial Ministry of Environment. (In Ontario report spills to the Spills Action Centre
1-800-268-6060 or 416-325-3000). Post lists in very visible locations near storage areas. For more information see

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