is a new online service with an available toll-free number at 1-866-309-4272 to assist shops in meeting and exceeding legal compliance levels and going beyond. The intent is to communicate compliance assistance, increase compliance rates and show greater adoption of continuous improvement approaches. The plain-language information using this single window of information with industry-led technical assistance should help the auto body, collision repair and auto refinishing sector to improve their performance and meet compliance requirements more easily, and more inexpensively. The assistance of the Ontario Ministry of Environment is greatly appreciated.

OCTOBER 31, 2011


On October 4, 2012, the Ontario Ministry of Environment announced that the fee for an auto body shop in this province to obtain an environmental compliance “permit” would change on October 28, 2012.

The current price is zero. THE NEW PRICE IS $1190

This is an urgent notice to collision repair facilities that spray paint. If you do not already have either an EASR approval (Environmental Activity Sector Registry) issued after October 30, 2011, or a valid Certificate of Approval that includes waterbased paints then you will need to take action quickly to avoid a significant price increase and to avoid enforcement action.

Shops can apply for the current EASR approval themselves (currently at no charge) at Shops unable to handle this process or need someone to do the application work can use CIIA to handle the work at 1 866 309 4272. We charge $300 plus HST for members and $600 plus HST for non-members for our service.

We again urge shops to review their current environmental status and take action quickly.

Should you wish the association to handle the work, we will need the following information:

Your full business name and address and HST# as identified by Revenue Canada
Your President’s name and full contact information
Do you use less than two liters of paint per hour and are the booth fans indoors?
Are you a stand alone business or in a mall-type setting?
Is there more than 40 meters distance between your exhaust stack and the nearest residential or institutional lotline?
Do you have a previous environmental compliance certificate?

If you need your association’s help, please contact us ASAP at or 1 866 309 4272

John Norris
Executive Director